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Wildlife Honeymoon Vacation- Time spent with your soul mate in forests would provide you unique sense of adventure !
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Kenya Safari (8 Days)
Attractions Nairobi - Aberdare National Park - Samburu National Park


Australian Safari (14 Days)
Attractions Sydney - Bullo River - Mary River Delta - Darwin


New Zealand Vacation(12 Days)
Attractions Auckland - Northland / Bay of Islands - Northland - Auckland - Rotorua - Rotorua


Singapore-Malaysia Tour (7 Days)
Attractions Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Sentosa Island


Travel To Switzerland (4 Days)
Attractions Geneva - Montreus
Zermatt - Zermatt


Thailand Honeymoon Holiday (7 Days)
Attractions Bangkok - Thailand


Taj Mahal & Tiger Tour (11 Days)
Attractions Delhi - Mandawa - Jaipur - Ranthambhore - Agra


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Wildlife Honeymoon Vacation

Wild Encounter For the more adventurous couple, this wildlife honeymoon vacation will truly be a delight. Spend loads of time in dense forests within a wide range of natural habitats. The newly weds will love to devote their vacations exploring new species of wild life. They plan their honeymoon keeping in mind wildlife destinations. Even you, if you have love for wild life, can decide to spend a honeymoon amidst wild animals in their natural environment. The time in forest would be very thrilling, we can ensure.

A honeymoon exploring wilderness takes you where human beings do not count, what counts is the nature – untouched and unspoilt. It is a place where you can spend some quiet relaxing moments with your spouse viewing the natural beauty which could a wonderful scene for any lover of nature.

So get up and start preparing to spend your honeymoon amidst some of the most gorgeous animals and melodious birds on this earth.

Come, Delve Deep into the Jungles!
Wildlife honeymoon is not only about animal viewing. It also encompasses discovering birds, marine life and the flora of the forest. All this combined creates an atmosphere that is unique, colourful and vibrant. The natural surroundings have a kind of charm that would encourage you to elongate your honeymoon. The more time you pass amidst these wild beings, your love for them would increase. You would develop keen interest in wildlife.

To enjoy uninterrupted wilderness, residing in forest resorts, you will delve deep into the jungles by undertaking wildlife safaris and jungle trails and come across some of the most marvellous flora and fauna. Lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros, alligators, deers, rabbits, monkeys, owl, nightingale, humming bird and migratory birds- you just think about them and most probably you will get to see them ( depending upon the forest you have chosen for your honeymoon). Wild Encounter

Then what are you waiting for? It’s time your wish of seeing wildlife comes true. After all, somewhere down in your heart, even you wish to see those animals and birds living in their natural surroundings and doing their activities in a usual manner unaware of your presence

Destinations Awaiting Your Arrival
If by this time you are sufficiently enthused, then you would definitely want to know the wildlife safari destinations in the world where you can spend your special honeymoon holiday. India and South Africa are two of the many countries that have large areas covered with forests. Apart from these Latin America, Europe and eastern African state of Tanzania also have wide areas under thick vegetation.

So pick your favourite from the destinations mentioned above and get ready to spend a memorable honeymoon with your loving spouse.

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Conner Conner
Lion in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Duration : 7 Nights / 8 Days
Places Covered : Nairobi - Aberdare National Park - Samburu National Park - Lake Naivasha - Masai Mara National Park
Conner Conner

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