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Honeymoon in Tasmania, Australia- Derive plenty of joy in exhilirating water sports amidst idyllic surroundings !
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Honeymoon in Tasmania

Honeymoon in Tasmania, AustraliaHoneymoon in Tasmania, an island separated by Australian mainland by 240km Bass Strait, is the smallest of Australia's six states. Its marvellous natural beauty possess the capacity to leave you spellbound. Almost 30 per cent of the land area is carpeted by national park while 20 per cent of the land has been declared the world heritage area. If you like to sit in the lap of nature, Tasmania is an ideal place for you. The island possesses magnificent scenic view with steep mountains, undulating valleys, lovely beaches and seemingly mysterious caves. Tasmania is waiting for you, the newly wed couples.

Heart Climate
The island of Tasmania lies between 40°S TO 43°S and there is no place in the island that is more than 115kms from the coast. As such, Tasmania enjoys a temperate maritime climate. The average temperature in the Summer ( from December to February) is 21°C and that in winter (from June to August) is12°C. Autumn is between March to May while Spring is between September to November.

Heart Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit Tasmani is between October to April. This is the time when you can enjoy a pleasant weather devoid of chilliness of the winter season.

Heart Places to Visit
Hasting Cave State Reserve - The Hasting cave reserve is a place deserving a visit during your honeymoon tour. It is armed with assets capable of providing you lot of enjoyment. Have fun in the warm waters of a thermal springs pool or saunter in the forests. Newdegate Cave is the most thrilling place in the reserve. Christened after a Tasmania governor, the cave is the biggest tourist cave in Australia. The cave was formed of dolomite around 40 million years ago. The cave is spacious and is well lit.

Cataract Gorge - Located within the city of Launceston in Tasmania, Cataract Gorge is an exceptional sight. The gorge begins from the South Esk river, passes through the King's Bridge and winds it's way up to the Trevallyn hydro electric dam 5 kilometres upstream. On the southern side of the gorge is the First Basin, while on the northern side is the famous Victoria Garden, also known as the Cliff Grounds. The chairlift which crosses the gorge increases the joy of the trip. You can also enjoy various adventure activities like walking trails, fishing, abseiling, rock climbing, swimming and whitewater rafting. When you get tired, stop at the nearby restuarants and cafe of the Cataract Gorge and refresh yourself before setting on for further journey.

Honeymoon in Tasmania, Australia Lake St Clair - A visit to Lake St Clair is yet another opportunity for you to get close to nature. Surrounded by forest, the lake is the deepest lake in entire Australia and is the southern entry point to the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. With Mt Olympus providing a spectacular backdrop, Lake St Clair is best enjoyed by taking a ride in a ferry. The serenity and beauty of the surrounding area will provide you a peace of mind and happiness in heart. The area around the lake is also an excellent spot for both leisurely strolls and overnight bushwalks.

Heart Things to Do
Enjoy Adventure Activities - Tasmania offers a range of adventure activities which give real adrenalin rush. Rafting: White water rafting can be done on any of the island's rivers. A number of companies have skilled and professional guided trips. Jet Boating is another adventure activity that could be undertaken.You can take on the flat water or the rapids, it is your choice. Diving in Tasmania is also loved by the adventure seekers. Another adventure option is the wilderness flights, which can take you over the sea of wilderness. Horse riding is also a popular activity. One can follow trails of early cattlemen, take multi-day camping rides. They can even cross the Tasmanian island from north to south. One can also enjoy cruises in Tasmanian islands honeymoon vacations.

Honeymoon in Tasmania, Australia Enjoy Food and Wine - Tasmania is a destination par excellence as far as food and wine goes. During your honeymoon, you can try out some of the most enticing food and wine of the region. From sea food to wines from the vineyards of Tamar valley, east coast and southeast, restuarants in Tasmania will delight you with their delicious dishes and hospitable atmosphere.

Heart Not to Miss
Events of Tasmania - During your honeymoon to Tasmania, do not miss out on the splendid festivals and events of the region. These events and festivals are a marvellous opportunity to peak into the lives and culture of the people of Tasmania while enjoying the splendour of the events. Some of the most popular festivals of the region include the Hobart CBD festival ( Dec), Launceston Festivale ( Feb), Launceston Cup - Thoroughbred Racing (February) and Suncoast Jazz Festival ( June).

Heart Getting There
By Air - Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania has an international airport that is a major domestic and international getaway from Tasmania. You can also reach Tasmania from Sydney (1 hour 50 minutes) and Melbourne (1 hour 15 minutes ).
By Sea - Regular ferries connect Tasmania ( Davenport ) to Melbourne. It is also possible for you to carry your car in these ferries to Tasmania.

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