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Honeymoon in Zurich

Honeymoon in Zurich Honeymoon in Zurich, a tourist destination of extraordinary charm. Zurich occupies both the banks of River Limmat, originating from Zurich Lake. The town is neighbored by marvellous sky-kissing moutains laden with lush greenery. Once a village, Zurich has gradually grown to become the largest city in Switzerland. Zurich is always eager to provide you with every comfort on your honeymoon. In addition to enjoying natural beauty, you can also tour churches and museums. An year of Zurich is full of cultural events. Sing and dance out the days on these events. you can also indulge in shopping and have gala nightlife. You can visit Zurich any time during the year.

HeartPlaces to visit
Grossmunster Cathedral - Grossmunster Cathedral has its own importance in history of Zurich. Dedicated to the three patron saint of Zurich - Felix, Regula and Exuperantius, this church is a good start for you on your honeymoon vacation. Situated on the eastern bank of river Limmat, the twin tower of Grossmunster cathedral is an exception of sort in the town of Zurich as far as its architecture is considered. Amidst relatively simple buildings, the colossal height the twin tower of Grossmunster seems mighty impressive. It is also unlike its heavily ornated cousins in Italy as all the interior decorations have been removed to make it appear austere.

On your honeymoon vacation to Zurich, make sure that you climb the south tower (an appointment is necessary for this) because the view atop is simply magnificent. With River Limmat in the front and Alps in the background, you can be assured that all the effort that you put in to climb this tower will be rewarded with gorgeous views. The images of tower, as reflected in the sparkling water of river Limmat is also an adorable sight especially during night, because this is the time when lights illuminate the entire city in the same way as stars brighten up the sky. A visit to this cathedral also provides an opportunity to visit the Fraumünster Church which lies almost opposite to the twin tower on the other bank of River Limmat. This is also a huge structure and is particularly famous for its coloured glass windows.

Swiss National Museum - Zurich houses numerous museums, each of which has a unique charm of its own. However, Swiss National Museum is one museum you must visit on your honeymoon vacation. In actuality, there are eight museums spread across Switzerland that make up the Swiss National Museum. The museum at Zurich is the parent museum of the group and houses artifacts from stone age to present times. Collection of textiles, coins, watches and clocks, furniture and interiors, paintings and sculptures, arms and armor, ( like crossbows and swords), religious objects and stained glass windows will fascinate you beyond imagination on your visit. Special exhibitions are also organised twice every year that showcase objects based on various themes. A trip to this museum is the best way to know about the city - its past and present story and culture.

Botanical Garden - The Botanical Garden of Zurich is yet another place that you must visit on your honeymoon vacation. It is a place where you can sit with your spouse in perfect silence and admire the beauty around. The garden is home to various species of flowers (like Alpine roses), plants and trees that fill the environment with colours and fragrance. The view around, without doubt, is enchanting and something you will surely love on your honeymoon. It is a place where you can feel close to nature and breath fresh air. Also, you do not need to take care about who else is present or watching you. In brief, here, in this garden you can feel completely relaxed and be yourself.
Zurich Zoo - If a visit to the botanical garden leaves you with a feeling that there is something missing, then in all probability, you are craving to see some living creatures around you. This is where Zurich zoo comes into scene. On your honeymoon to Zurich, pay a visit to the zoo and come across hundreds exotic animals, reptiles and birds. To be a bit precise, there are around 2200 animals belonging to approximately 260 species. The variety offered in the park is delightful - from an aquarium to open air aviary, ape house, elephant house and giant tortoise house. There are also red pandas, otters, snow leopards, clouded leopards, tigers, Amur leopards, and Indian lions for you to see in this zoo.

HeartThings to do
Enjoy Shopping - Shopping is something you will definitely enjoy on your honeymoon vacation to Zurich. A range of goods are available and you can pick up anything of your choice. Two of the most popular shopping destination in Zurich are the street of Bahnhofstrasse and Limmatquai. These two places house every variety of shops that you can think of - from boutiques to speciality shops, high value goods shop and antique shops. Accessing these shopping streets is also not a problem as the transportation system is fairy efficient.

Enjoy Nightlife - For many couples who visit Zurich for their honeymoon, the nightlife options are fairly surprising considering the fact that Zurich is not a very big place. So, now when you visit Zurich for your honeymoon, be prepared to shake a leg at the rhythmic beats of techno and salsa music. There are also live rock and jazz along with orchestra performances to give you some variety. However, there is a drawback too. Most of these places close down early, so make sure that you are on time to enjoy the fun and make your nightlife on your honeymoon thoroughly entertaining.

Enjoy Eating out - Eating out in Zurich is one great experience as the variety of cuisines on offer are mindblowing. French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian -choose anyone you like and enjoy tasty and delicious food throughout your honeymoon vacation. There are big expensive restuarants that have a romantic atmosphere for you so that you enjoy your food even more. Also there are small restuarants where you can make friends with people sharing your table (this is common in smaller restuarants).

HeartNot to miss
A trip to Uetilberg - Uetilberg is the highest point in Zurich offereing a panoramic view of the city and Lake Zurich from a height of around 900 m above ground. A trip to this mountain is not be missed if you want to get a complete view of Zurich. During winters, all you can see from atop is a sea of fog below, however, during a clear day, the scene is completely mesmerising. From Uetilberg, you can also start off on a walking expedition along the mountain ridge. And if you tire out, just sit and relax at any of the numerous restuarants at the summit while enjoying a few delicacies.

A Trip to the Rhine Falls - A trip to the Rhine Falls (near Schaffausen) cannot be missed on your honeymoon vacation because it is one of the most powerful waterfall in the entire Europe. Falling from a height of 75ft, it exudes a divine beauty specially during the spring season when the snow melts and adds to the volume of water. The view of the waterfall is so awe inspiring and magnetic that you will almost forget where you are! The volume of water and the thundering voice of the waterfall will remind you of the authority that the nature holds on this earth. If you happen to visit Zurich during summers, then do take a boat trip to the Centre Rock and from there climb to the top. The view of the waterfall from the top is something you have never experienced before. The Rhine Waterfall is also the venue for the celebration of Swiss National Day in August. Spectacular fireworks displays will instantly make you fall in love with this waterfall.
Zurich Caliente festival
Festivals and Events- The events and festivals of Zurich are a time for rejoicing in the festivity along with the people If you happen to visit Zurich at a time when any of these events is being celebrated, do not, at any cost, miss them out. The 'Street Parade'in the month of August is more or less the little brother of Berlin's 'Love Parade' as far as its grandeur is concerned. The festival is marked by fervour and enthusiasm with people dressing up in colourful costumes and dancing their way out on the streets. 'Lichterschwimmen' is celebrated around a week before Christmas and has people floating candles on river Limmat. Apart from these two, there are also other festivals that will attract you on your honeymoon vacation to Zurich. These include 'Sechseläuten' ( in April), 'Festspiele' (in June-July), Theaterspektakel' (in August-September) and, 'International Jazz Festival' (in November). There is also the 'Züri Fäscht' festival that is celebrated after every three years. So, on your trip to Zurich do participate in these festivals and get closer to the people and culture of the place.

HeartGetting There
» By Air - Zurich - Kloten International Airport is just ten minutes away from city centre by train. Flights from the major destinations all over the world land in this airport.
» By Train - Trains connect Zurich to not only other cities of Switzerland, but also to many other European Cities.

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