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Honeymoon in Turkey - Turkey is the confluence of modernity and Oriental splendour!
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon in Turkey

Honeymoon in Turkey Honeymoon in Turkey, one of the Mediterranean's best destinations. Turkey is a land with glorious past, and is now stepping into modernity. On one hand, Turkey showcases Mediterranean splendour and mystery, while, one the other, it reaches out to embrace modernity. With ancillary pluses like idyllic coastline and mouth-watering cuisine, travel in Turkey becomes highly rewarding option.

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Istanbul, a bustling metropolitan city, can be the prime destination while honeymoon in Turkey. Included in the world's most intriguing cities, the exciting metropolis of Istanbul presents a joyous blend of east and west. Travel to Sultanahmet, stroll to the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, enjoy a Turkish bath, bargain in the Grand Bazaar.

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Sailing while Turkey honeymoongives you the chance of enjoying picturesque coastline. You get chance to get benefitted from cultural exchange with the hospitable and gracious people of coastal areas. Long summers are ideal for sailing. You can appreciate the coastal beauty while watching it from the perspective of the sea. While sailing you can also indulge in sports like swimming, skiing, fishing, diving and surfing.

Yachting is a favorite activity of people while travel in Turkey. The sport industry has witnessed rapid growth in the past 40 years. Large number of marinas dot the coastline between Istanbul and Antalya. These provide supplies, easy access to the coast at major resorts, and safe harbors as well as often becoming local entertainment spots in themselves.

Don't forget signature products when shopping while honeymoon in Turkey. Of course, the first in list is the carpets. Leather is also of particular importance, along with all kinds of clothes and other goods such as handbags, belts, shoes, etc. You can get all these goods at an impressive price range. In the malls and departmental stores in big towns, dresses, trousers, and coats, made of extremely fine leather and suede, can be found. You can also purchase copper, brass and ceramics articles while travel in Turkey.

Lengthy process of preparation makes Turkish food unique in the world. While honeymoon in Turkey, enjoy Turkey's cuisine having simple, but fresh ingredients which brings out the richness of their flavors. The range is wide, from the several soups to an amazing range of meat and fish dishes. All Turkish cuisine is prepared from fresh ingredients. The country produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and, being encircled on three sides by sea, variety of fish can be found. In large towns like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, you can also find restaurants which feature Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Swiss, German and Italian cuisine.

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Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey
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