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Travel in Luxembourg - Have honeymoon in Luxembourg for taste of different cups.
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Travel in Luxembourg

Travel in LuxembourgSmall size comes with own benefits. And the statement holds weight for Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in the world. Although located between tourism heavyweights like Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg has its own attractions to lure the tourists. Travel in Luxembourg for honeymoon comes with its own charm.

HeartTravel Attractions
Luxembourg City
The capital of Luxembourg, is known for its elegance. Tucked high above the confluence of two rivers, the city is ringed by tall stone walls from center to the south. The town is dotted with numerous pictursque spots along with historical and cultural places. More known among these are the Grand-Ducal Palace, Bock cliff, the Casemates, the National Art and History Museum, the Ancient Bastion Louis, the Holy Ghost Citadel, Place Guillaume, Goethe monument, Viaduc (bridge) and the Place D'Armes.

Travel to these Luxembourg attractions would help you to gain insight into the city. You can also shop around browsing for fine items and keepsakes. More popular products of Luxembourg are porcelain made tableware, crystal and cutlery. The nightlife of the town is also vibrant with a number of nightspots, jazz clubs, theater performances, concerts, bars and other activities.

Mullerthal Region
Mullerthan Region, called 'Little Switzerland of Luxembourg' consists of settlements that have developed in small river valleys and have a castle at the highest point. This region includes towns like Vianden, Larochette, Diekirch and Echtemach. Vianden is a picturesque town laden with scenic beauty. The castle at the top hosts a museum while the town itself is a kaliediscope of colours.

You can travel to places like Holy Trinity and the Church of Saint Nicholas. Vianden also puts forth some exotic walking trails that will give you a glimpse of the natural beauty that rings the town. Diekirch sits in the valley of river Sure and is a large town of Luxembourg. The landmarks of the town include the Church of St. Lawrence, the Palace of Justice and the National Museum of Military History. A flower-carpeted pedestrian bridge that leads to the town hall provides a charming view of the surroundings. Echternach is a quiet place that where you can spend some tranquil moments.

Travel in LuxembourgAlzette, second largest town in the country, is a fine place for travel in Luxembourg. The town is also known as the iron and steel capital of the country With its string of historical & cultural centres as well as parks & gardens, the city ensures an interesting travel in Luxembourg honeymoon. Better known among these are the National Museum of the Resistance, the local and airport museums, a tropical aquarium at the Brill-school, metallurgical factories, the Berwart tower, St Joseph's church, the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, the city hall, local theater, art galleries, libraries and a music conservatory. In addition to these large shopping centres, discos, dancing hotels, restuarants & bars are also available in the town.

Mondorf-les-Bains, a prominent spa town, lies in the south-east region of the country. The town hosts the most modern balneotherapy centre in Europe which is the prime attraction for anyone arriving in the town. The centre puts forward a thermal park spread in an area of 50 acres where you can enjoy sports. There is also a balneotherapy pavilion with saunas, swimming pools, waterfalls, whirlpools and geysers. You can enjoy exotic massages here.

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