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Honeymoon in London - Plan a trip to the United Kingdom to witness the majestic city of London which is the biggest city in Western Europe. London is amongst the most exquisite destinations of the world and offers a wide array of options to its visitors.
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas
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- London Vacation(14 Days)
Attractions: London - Brussels...
- Greece Tour (9 Days)
Attractions: Istanbul - Cappadocia...
- Switzerland Tours( 8 Days )
Attractions: Zurich - Bern - Geneva...
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Honeymoon in London

Honeymoon in LondonHoneymoon vacations in the city of London will throw an open opportunity to visit some of the most popular locations in the world. Besides being one of the famous romantic destinations of the world, London is also admired for the royal charm it adds to the itinerary of its visitors. Plan a honeymoon vacation trip to London and cherish experiencing royalty by visiting Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, Kensington Palace or just take a trip to the famous museums of London such as the ever popular Madam Tussauds and the British Museum. London shopping experience and its amazing nightlife are some of the other things amongst many which will spark up your visit to this beautiful city in the United Kingdom.

London, the British capital, is made vibrant by arts, entertainment, cuisine, shopping, adventure and much more. London always accords you a wise welcome. One of the most exciting cities in the world, London keeps changing perpetually. London has always been proud of its history, pageantry and architecture. Restaurants, theaters, clubs and nightlife of London have had always their fans.

Honeymoon in London offers seemingly endless attractions. From castles to caves, galleries to gardens, historic houses to heritage centers. Music venues abound the city and every type of music can be enjoyed here. The Londoners have always been fond of their music and this has reflected in their music heritage.

HeartWhat To See
Oxford and Cambridge
London apart, the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, not far from London, are vibrant with life and color. Good restaurants, inspiring architecture, excellent shops and lively markets scatter in these towns. Sip champagne on a picnic or stop at a conventional English 'pub' or riverside restaurant.

Cambridge is a city for the people who have young heart. Here, you can match dance steps with your life partner all night and enjoy wine till dawn. Carpets of crocuses and daffodils on the 'Backs' of the colleges look wonderful in spring season.

Move far from the towns and drive through Britain's lovely countryside. It's the perfect romantic drive, journeying through pristine villages and towns of black-and-white timbered buildings. Ancient Ludlow is a nice stop-over for an intimate candle-lit dinner. Its restaurants are rated one of the finest outside the capital.

Scottish Highlands
Each region of England has its romantic specialities. The Scottish Highlands are full of history and mystery. They are very good for a secret honeymoon hideaway. You can rent your very own castle with views of the mountains or a remote cottage on the shores of a Loch.

Honeymoon in London HeartWhere to stay
A highlight of any honeymoon in London is finding unique, romantic places to stay in U.K. All of the chosen accommodations are of outstanding character and charm, and some are of architectural or historical importance.

Join in age-old customs, exuberant festivals and exciting sporting events. The vibrant cities of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle offer arts, entertainment, attractions, shopping and a wide variety of restaurants.

Relax in welcoming pubs, sample regional dishes and ales, and get to know the local people. Wander cobbled streets in the shadow of Durham Cathedral, get happily lost among the tangled medieval alleys of beautiful York, shop in Chester's 14th-century black-and-white buildings, explore Roman Carlisle and watch the sun set from the harbors of the Isle of Man.

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Eiffel Tower, Paris
Duration : 13 Nights/ 14 Days
Places Covered : London - Brussels - Madurodam - Heidelberg - Jungfraujoch - Interlaken - Venice - Florence - Rome - Geneva - Paris
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