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Honeymoon in Holland - The beauty of Holland will spice up your honeymoon vacations.
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon in Holland

Honeymoon in HollandHolland also known as Netherlands is considered as one of the favorite honeymoon destinations of Europe. Amsterdam, the capital of Holland witness a huge tourist influx all throughout the year. The Queens birthday on April 30th is when the entire city of Amsterdam turns into the national color orange and parties throughout the day. The Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank House are the prime attractions inside Amsterdam, Holland. Rotterdam and Schveningen in Netherlands are other popular hot spots inside Holland which extend the best of hospitality to its visitors.

All this and a lot more, a honeymoon vacation in Holland will give you a chance to experience this lovely country. Contact our Tour planner and get best itinerary suggestions, booking information, tour request and price quotation on your honeymoon vacations.

HeartLand Of Flowers
Holland is the land of flowers! Bulbs, flower parades and markets, castle gardens and flower auctions can be found around every corner! A wonderful way to experience love, both of you can go on lovely scenic bicycle tours, particularly in the springtime, when the flowers in the bulb fields and the blossoms in the orchards are in bloom. Don't forget to visit Holland's botanical gardens! Here you'll find the most exotic blooms and exceptional species. Around half of all globally traded flowers and plants have their origin in Holland. Flowers play a significant role in prosperity of Holland.

When exploring Holland, seeing a windmill up close is a must! For five centuries windmills have helped the locals in their struggle against water. Holland boasted more than 10,000 mills just over 150 years ago and only 1,000 remain today. Fortunately, these living monuments are now protected and many of them are open to the public. For people who have not seen windmills before, their sight can be fascinating.

Fairytale Castles
Get acquainted with the lives of the Lord and Lady of the Manor in one of Holland's many castles. Admire the historic rooms, the design and the stunning gardens or overnight in a number of castles! A walk through a castle garden takes you along ponds, fountains, statues and symmetry are some of the characteristics of these fairytale gardens. Holland boasts many romantic and historic hotel castles where you can spend the night. Many of Holland's cozy castles are now charming hotels where you can experience a comfortable suite or turret room, delicious gourmet meals and a romantic ambience.

Rembrandt is buried in the Westerkerk Church in Amsterdam and "Our Beloved Lady" in Maastricht is built on the remains of an ancient Roman temple. All of Holland's churches have an interesting story to tell. These churches can tell you stories of the past and anyone interested in history would like to tour these churches.

Holland is home to an array of internationally acclaimed designers in various disciplines. You can see their works in a wide variety of stores, galleries and ateliers. Pleasant surroundings of Holland have always provided right atmosphere to the artists. The result has been continuous evolution of art. Holland is the right destination for the people interested in art.

HeartHolland's Cities
Amsterdam, capital and largest city in Holland, is at once tradtional and modern. You can visit museums, parks, gardens, monuments or indulge in activities like shopping and nightlife. You can taste local dishes in Amsterdam restaurants or enjoy globally popular cuisines. However, what you should not miss is a boatride in the waters of canal. Events and festivals of Amsterdam are also very entertaining. Time spent in Amsterdam can be very productive.

The Hague:
The Hague, a cosmopolitan city and home of the Royal Family, is the seat of the Dutch parliament. All this makes it an unforgettable city for young and old. Hague can also serve as a nice destination for your honeymoon in Holland.

Honeymoon in HollandDelft:
Delft is renowned all over the world as the city of Delft blue pottery and the birthplace of the painter Johannes Vermeer. It means that the city can be extremely productive for the people even slightly interested in art.

Visit Holland's "other" city. The city on the Maas, which the Dutch refer to as Manhattan on the Maas, is a young, exciting place with architecture and culture. Drink in the culture of Holland while visiting Rotterdam.

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