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Honeymoon in Greece - A land of pure fantasy -- a dream world!
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas

Honeymoon in Greece

Honeymoon in Greece Honeymoon in Greece, which is familiar and exotic at the same time. Greece is the land which has given us Acropolis, Delphi and Olympia. Almost all of us have read about Greek heroes and text in our schoool days. Exotic side of Greece offers us islands like Myconos, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes. Peloponessos draws honeymooners with its high mountains and beautiful coast. For centuries, Greek ports served as the platform of voyages all around the world.

HeartBest Places To Visit
Ancient wonders, cafes flowing with wine, riveting nightlife and gritty urban look make Athens different. Athens is rooted in history and mythology, yet it has embraced modernity with elan. Athens is one of the most laid-back and graceful European cities. Undeniable charm makes Athens a great city of walking.

Lesvos is different from all other Greek islands. The third largest of Greek islands is unperturbed by the mass tourism that has turned other islands into amusement parks. Lesvos would help you know the real Greece. It is the perfect destination for those who are worried about not having enough to do.

HeartNot to Miss
National Garden (Athens):
It's all too easy to overlook this oasis of calm and cool in the heart of Athens. If you explore, you'll discover shady benches, a small cafe, and lots of opportunities to enjoy watching Greek families out for a stroll.

Folegandros (Cyclades):
Many visitors have passed the formidable Folegandros cliffs from the Santorini-Paros ferry, and glimpsed whitewashed Kastro walls perched 300m (984 ft.) above the sea. The austere beauty of Hora, the fine beaches, and the great walking trails are no longer a secret, but if you arrive off season, Folegandros still offers a restful retreat.

Zagori & the Vikos Gorge (Western Greece):
If the 40-some tiny villages linked by roads lined with spectacular terrain are not enough, you can venture into at least a section of one of the most spectacular gorges in Europe. Greeks and some Europeans have long appreciated this undeveloped corner of northwestern Greece known as the Zagoria.

Mount Lycabettus (Athens):
Walk up Lycabettus at dawn and enjoy the sunrise over the hills that surround Athens. Come back for sunset, and you may encounter others strolling here, but the sounds (of Athens's ferocious traffic will be pleasantly distant here.

Beaches are the best in Greece. The long stretches of sea sand in the Cyclades, and Plaka is the most beautiful and pristine beach on the island. If you need abundant amenities and a more active social scene, you can always head north to Ayia Anna or Ayios Prokopios. Paradise is the quintessential party beach, known for wild revelry that continues through the night. An extensive complex built on the beach includes a bar, taverna, changing rooms, and souvenir shops. Lalaria Beach boasts vivid aquamarine water and white limestone cliffs, with natural arches cut into them by the elements.

If you can, take in a performance of whatever is on at the Herodes Atticus Theater in Athens, the theater at Epidaurus, or the theater at Dodona. You'll be sitting where people have sat for thousands of years to enjoy a play under Greece's magical night sky. From cafes to casinos, Greece has not only the reputation, but also the stuff to back it up. A good nightlife scene is ultimately a matter of who shows up -- and this, too, is where Greece stands out. It's the place to be seen, and, if nobody seems to be looking, you can always watch. Put simply, Greece hosts a variety of music and dancing and "socializing" opportunities.

So many places in Greece pride themselves on their traditional arts and crafts that it is hard to single out even a few, but among those few would be Crete, Rhodes, and Skyros. Both Rhodes and Crete feature local leather work, from sandals to handbags, from belts to jackets. Athens, of course, has expensive fur coats. It now seems that half of Greece's retail stores are selling jewelry, so shop around. As with needlework, pots and ceramics of all kinds are to be found throughout Greece.

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Duration : 9 Days/8 Nights
Places Covered : Istanbul - Cappadocia - Konya - Pamukkale - Ephesus - Pergamon - Troy - Istanbul
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