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Honeymoon in Geneva - A land of pure fantasy -- a dream world!
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Honeymoon in Geneva

Honeymoon in Geneva Honeymoon in Geneva which puts before the honeymooners a string of options. Located on the banks of Lake Geneva at the foothills of the Alps, Geneva is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Geneva is a lovely town sitting in the lap of nature. The town bosts an efficient public transport system, impressive natural vistas and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Its being the European headquarters of the United Nations make it one of the most important cities in Europe. Geneva can be visited anytime in a year.

HeartPlaces to Visit
Museums - Geneva hosts large number of museums. More than forty private and public museums in this city introduce the tourists to number of interesting objects - historical, natural, fine arts, applied arts and science & technology. Museums of Geneva are capable of providing interesting time to anyone. Some more important museums of the city include Art and History Museum, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Rath Museum, Natural History Museum, MAMCO, Ariana Museum, Archaeological Site of Saint Peter's Cathedral, Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and Martin Bodmer Foundation. And remember. This is not all the list.

Parks and Gardens -One does not go to Geneva to stay indoors. With the lake and the mountains, Geneva itself has become a natural park. These picturesque places have earned for Geneva the sobriquet of 'city of parks'. Most of these parks are situated along the banks of lake. Many parks have tall mountains in the backdrop making for a spectacular view. You can simply sit and enjoy the beauty around - the green trees, the multi-colored flowers and crystal clear water of lake.
Honeymoon in Geneva
The Lake - The Lake would add wings to your imagination. On your honeymoon vacation to Geneva, take a ride in a motorboat fondly referred to as mouettes to enjoy a splendid view of the city. You will also get an opportunity to get closer to The Jet d'eau, a fountain emitting water 140 meters up.The incredible sight of this fountain would definitely stay with you long after your honeymoon is over. On the western shore of the lake is the Bains des Paquis, a pier where you can relax and have your lunch with the warmth of the sun overhead or take a dip in the water of the lake. The Promenades on the banks of the lake are home to cafes, parks and street markets. A honeymoon vacation to Genava that does not have 'the Lake' in its itinerary will be grossly incomplete.

Rousseau Island - Your honeymoon vacation to Geneva will take you to Rousseau Island, undeniably one of the most romantic destination in Geneva. Located right in the city centre, in the river of Le Rhone, this island might have had a turbulent past, however, currently it is one of the hot spots of couples visiting Geneva for their honeymoon. The island boasts of spectacular natural beauty, a bird sanctuary, a restuarant and a statue of the great philosopher Jeane Jacques Rousseau (from whom the island draws its name). A must visit for you on your honeymoon vacation to Geneva.

HeartThings to do
Enjoy Recreational Activities - With lot of recreational activities, Geneva attracts you relentsellely for honeymoon vacation. From water adventure like swimming, skiing, rafting, kayaking, cruising to land adventure like walking, hiking, cycling, horse riding and also air adventure like hot air ballooning, Geneva produces umpteen opportunities. Recreational activities in Geneva would exhilirate you.

Enjoy Shopping - In Geneva, you would want to purchase something special. So, pick up your bag and visit the shops of Geneva to pick up expensive items like jewelleries, watches of various international or relatively cheaper items like chocolates, flowers, Swiss army knife and antiques. There are also clothing and leather items on offer. You might find a few items highly expensive, though their design and quality will force you to buy them. Shopping malls as well as outdoor markets are widespread from where you can enjoy buying things completely in sync with your taste.

Enjoy Dining - Consume various cuisines offered by a number of restuarants in Geneva. You can assume in advance that you would love each and every bite of it. Try out the delicious local cuisine, which is basically the French cuisine, along with a glass of wine. The exotic wine comes from the vineyards of Geneva itself. You can also enjoy fish freshly caught from the lake. Its small size notwithstanding, Geneva has a number of restuarants that will delight you with its delicious food and wine. And all this amidst an environment you would fascinating.
Honeymoon in Geneva
Enjoy Nightlife - Nightlife of Genava might not be as vibrant as you would want it to be, still there is plenty to keep your nightlife honeymoon pretty interesting. A considerable number of bars, clubs and casinos are spread throughout the city for your entertainment. You can dance to live music or simply enjoy a live performance. The relaxed atmosphere of these places will refresh you completely.

HeartNot to miss
Events and festivals - Geneva is home to a number of events and festivals that enliven the city throughout the year. On your honeymoon to the city of Geneva, do not miss out on the events and festivals as they will add more enthusiasm and colour to your special vacation. Some of these events are extremely extravagant complete with music, dance, processions, sporting events and race. The events and festivals are an opportunity for you to let yourself go and enjoy to the maximum extent. Some of the most important events of the city are L'Escalade, Fete De La Musique, Lake Sailing Regatta, Fetes De Geneve, Christmas Festival, International Motor Show, International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products, Montreux Jazz Festival, Festival De La Batie, American Independence Day and Geneva Winter Carnival

HeartGetting there
» By Air - Geneva has an International Airport. Airlines flying into this airport include Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Olympic Airways, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines.
» By Road - Intercity Buses connect Geneva to other cities of Switzerland and also some other cities outside Switzerland.

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