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Amsterdam Travel - Amsterdam is increasingly becoming more popular among international tourists !
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Amsterdam Travel

Amsterdam  Travel Cityscape of canals and 17th century town houses give Amsterdam an old-style look. The city is driven by a successful economy, and has gradually transformed itself as a cosmopolitan and cultural centre. The city which was once a hippie haven has now become a racial melting pot. The city's new-found prosperity has added options for the tourists. They have new-style entertainment facilities now, in addition to evocative monuments. Amsterdam travel gives one an opportunity to look on all these faces of the town.

Best time to enjoy Amsterdam is between the month of July and August. Spring is also a good time to visit the city.

HeartPlaces to visit
Museums - No honeymoon vacation in Amsterdam can be complete without the tour of the museums. The museums open before us history of the city. All the contemporary art of the region can be witnessed in their supreme form. The museums you can visit are Rijksmuseum museum, Houseboat museum, Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Anne Frank House, Jewish Historical Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Museum Amstelkring, Amsterdam Historical Museum, National Maritime Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Madame Tussauds Museum, FOAM - photography and Nederlands Scheepvaart Museum.

Parks - The city has developed few very good parks, excellent places to seek shelter from fast-paced lifestyle of the city. While ambling in the park you will feel one with the nature and encounter extensive range of flora & fauna, some very common and some absolutely rare to find elsewhere. The greenery around is very soothing while the lively colour of the flowers will pump your spirits. Visit to these parks would completely relax you.
Amsterdam Travel
HeartThings to do
Enjoy Boating - Amsterdam boasts of extensive system of canals which spreads into every nook and corner of the city. These canals are excellent for boating and on your honeymoon vacation to Amsterdam, make sure that you take a ride in these boats. These canals are more attractive when you know that you wish to see a large portion of the city but unfortunately you have very limited time on hand. Just board a boat and go around exploring the beautiful city!

During daytime, the trip is more or less like a fascinating excursion that presents the city and its people going around with their usual chores. The night time boat ride, however, is exceptionally charming as well as romantic with lights illuminating the path all the way. So, do not forget to embark on this beautiful and special trip on your honeymoon vacation to Amsterdam.

Enjoy Shopping - Amsterdam would offer befor you long list of shopping options. The only thing that you need to do is to devote some time to explore the markets of the city. Thereafter, you can pick up goods that suits your taste and budget. The wide collection of goods that dominate the shops in the market will provide you umpteen options to make your selection from. Amsterdam is known as the city of antiques, books, diamonds, and curios, however, you can also pick up clothing, sportswear, music and gift items and even flowers.

The important areas where you can shop are Nieuwedijk-Kalverstraat, Damrak, Rokin, P.C. Hooftstraat, Waterlooplein Flea Market, Albert Cuypstraat/Ferdinand Bolstraat and Bloemenmarkt. The last one is, in fact the only floating flower market in the world.

Enjoy Nightlife - Those who used to the dazzling nightlife of bigger cities of America and Europe, the nightlife of Amsterdam might seem much scaled-down. However, it will be highly inappropriate to suppose that Amsterdam disappoints its visitors looking forward for an exciting nightlife. Infact, there are many opportunities available and on your honeymoon to Amsterdam, set out to enjoy a lively and colourful nightlife. The nightlife option ranges from nightclubs, bars, cinema, theatres and live performances. The most happening area ofr nightlife activities are Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, with the former being more popular. Within these two areas, you can find all that you need to make your nightlife honeymoon vacation in Amsterdam a memorable experience.

Enjoy Eating Out - Amsterdam has always lived up to its image of being an attractive destination for tourists, Amsterdam provides dining options that will leave you wondering what you should try out first and where. Apart from the traditional cuisine, these restuarants also offer American, Mexican, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and African among other cuisines. Actually, there are no less than fifty national cuisine that are served in the restuarants. What more, you also have the privilege of selecting the kind of atmosphere you wish to have your dinner in - alfresco, with an exotic view or a romantic one. So, dining in Amsterdam is one of the most exciting thing to do and you cannot leave it out at any cost. Some of the best restuarants of Amsterdam are Dorrius, Blakes, dynasty, Iguazu, Toscanini and Bordewijk, D'antica and D'Vijff Vlieghen. However, these are just a few names and on your honeymoon vacation, you will find many more destination to try out some exotic dishes.

HeartNot to Miss
Events and Festivals - One or the other event in Amsterdam falls every month which you can enjoy watching or even participating. These festivals lure large number of tourists with their sheer variety and liveliness. These festivals are a time when people let go their usual work and rejoice in the celebration and festivity of the events. It is a time for some songs, dances, sports, races, parades performances and many more activities. Hence, on your honeymoon vacation to Amsterdam if you get an opportunity to enjoy any of these events and festivals, make sure that you do not miss them out.
Amsterdam Travel
Some of the most important events and festivals of Amsterdam - Rotterdam International Film Festival (Jan- Feb), Amsterdam Carnival, Antiques Fair (both in Feb- Mar), Amsterdam Art Week (Mar), The Queen's Birthday celebrations (April), Amsterdam International Marathon (May), Vondelpark Open-Air Theatre (June-Aug), Summer Festival /Zomerfestijn (July), Amsterdam Football Tournament, Uitmarkt -Vondelpark (both in Aug), Amsterdam Flower Pageant, Jordan Festival (Sept), Indoor equestrian event (Oct-Nov) and St. Nicholas' Entrance Parade (Nov).

Getting There
» By Air - Amsterdam has an International Airport that connect Amsterdam to many of the destination abroad.
» By Road - Buses connect Amsterdam to the rest of Europe, including Britain.

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