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Cultural Honeymoon Vacation - Your discovery of new lifestyles and cuisines gives you a feeling of elation !
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Kenya Safari (8 Days)
Attractions Nairobi - Aberdare National Park - Samburu National Park


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Attractions Sydney - Bullo River - Mary River Delta - Darwin


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Attractions Auckland - Northland / Bay of Islands - Northland - Auckland - Rotorua - Rotorua


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Cultural Honeymoon Vacation

Cultural Honeymoon VacationCultural honeymoon vacation would help you get acquainted with local lifestyle and culture of the people. New lifestyles would intrigue you and would add more delight to your honeymoon. Customs and cuisine of an unknown place would fascinate you and you would feel a sense of charm while touring such places. Cultural honeymoon would help you feel that charm, and make your honeymoon delightful.

The culture of this world is so diverse that if you want to cover all of them in one vacation, then it will be impossible. However, you can still cover a considerable portion in a limited time. It could be either a far off place or a place that is in your own country- a cultural honeymoon will be a delight, in any case. So, get ready to spend a vacation that is definitely going to become one of the most wonderful vacations of your life- full of discoveries and full of fun.

Cultural Destinations Awaiting You
India has so many distinct and colourful cultures that you will be elated to explore them on your honeymoon. The people in the north south, east and west have a widely different culture. Even in a single state, cultural practices vary to a great extent. However what is common in the culture of all these people is the warmth and love that they shower on visitors like you.

These people are mostly Hindus, Muslims and Christians. A minor portion of the population is composed of Jains and Parsis. Regardless of the religion these people follow, they are basically very lively and enjoy their festivals like Diwali, Durga puja, Holi, Christmas and Id. During these festivals people wear colourful and bright clothes, offer prayers to their respective gods and sing & dance in both traditional and modern ways. Music and dance have an important place in the lives of Indian and most probably every second person that you meet during your cultural honeymoon will claim to be a lover of music. However not all of them are trained in the classical music or dance. The major forms of classical music that you will come across during your honeymoon are Hindustani, and Carnatic while Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kathakali are the important dance forms.

The Indians are highly artistic and will offer you a wide range of choice on your cultural honeymoon shopping. You can travel to some of the most important cultural places in India like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Orissa and Rajasthan to buy any of your desired items. Sarees, embroidered cloth, paintings, handicrafts, pottery, wood and metal work- practically anything you want to buy will be available for you on your special vacation.

South Africa-
A cultural honeymoon to South Africa will introduce you to a culture that is distinctly diverse and interesting. Some of the most culturally important places in South Africa are Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria. These places will offer you abundant opportunity to explore the culture of South Africa. Inhabited by numerous sub-groups of black, white, coloured and Indians population, South Africa exudes a multicultural charm. The people are warm and friendly and speak various languages including English.

Cultural Honeymoon VacationArt is a very visible form of cultural expression in South Africa. Classical music, folk and tribal songs and dance will regale you with their sheer splendour. South Africa will also provide you an opportunity to possess some of the exquisite artwork of the region. You can buy jewelleries, beadwork, fabrics, woodcarving, ceramics and baskets to keep the memory of your honeymoon alive long after it is over.

The land of the Queen of Sheba, the birthplace of the Blue Nile and the 'cradle of mankind'-Ethiopia, the oldest nation of Africa is all this and much more. Ethiopia has a culture that is multifaceted. The Amhara the Shankella and Galla (Oromo) are the ethnic group of people who reside in Ethiopia. Their prominent languages include Amharic, Tigrinya, Orominga, Guaraginga, Somali, Arabic, other local languages and English. Ababa Addis, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Lalibela and Tigray regionsx are the most important cultural places in Ethiopia.

On your honeymoon to Ethiopia, you can participate in the local festivals of the region like Timket, Enkutatash, Maskal, Gena (Christmas), Id, Easter and other glorious festivals. Ethiopian love to celebrate their festivals with pomp and show as such you will definitely enjoy yourselves on festival days. However, do remember that Ethiopian calendar has thirteen months instead of usual twelve. Plan your honeymoon in a way that you do not miss these festivals. Ethiopian urban and tribal music and their unique form of dancing will delight you on these occasions.

The most important art form of Ethiopia is paintings. These paintings can be found everywhere in Ethiopia especially in churches where they are used to acquaint local people of their glorious past and traditions. Ethiopian music is also a very distinct form of art. It has been influenced by both Islam and Christianity.

Cultural Honeymoon VacationChina-
China has a culture that is unparalleled throughout this world. If you decide to visit the beautiful landscape of China, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of cultural practice that is deep rooted in the lives of the Chinese. The people of the country belong to various ethnic groups out of which the Han group composes the majority population. The people belonging to Han and other group speak numerous languages, however the status of official language is awarded to ‘Mandarin Chinese’. English is also spoken by a considerable number of people, as such communication will not pose a problem before you. The people of China believe in Universism that "focuses on faith in reason, inspiration in nature, and hope in progress."

The culture of China is amply reflected in its music and dance forms. The music of China has developed from the time Chinese civilization began to develop. The Dragon dance and the Lion dance are the two major dance forms of the Chinese people. Chinese opera is yet another important art form, which combines music, dance, dialogue, acting and acrobatics to produce a marvelous effect on its viewers.

You honeymoon to China will offer you an opportunity to buy traditional Chinese items like the Chinese paper art work, pottery and embroidery work. You can buy these items at any of the cultural places of China including Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. However the major cultural attractions of China includes the Great Wall of China and the Crown Place. A visit to these place will make your honeymoon really special

Cultural Honeymoon VacationAustralia-
Australia was inhabited by aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in early times. However, later with the advent of Britain, many other people with varied nationality started pouring in the country. Today, Australia is an amalgamation of aboriginal, American, European, Italian and Asian population and culture. The language spoken in the country is predominantly English, as such communication problems will never ever bother you. You can also enjoy the local festivals and fairs of the regions. The music and dance forms are also something that you will enjoy to the maximum.

The art and craft of Australia includes pottery, paintings, ceramics, weaving, gold, silver and opal jewellery, fabric collage and art glass.

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