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Honeymoon in St. Lucia- The beautiful honeymoon destination of the caribbean islands
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St. Lucia

Honeymoon in St LuciaSt. Lucia, Carribean is the perfect honeymoon destination, blessed with many beautiful locations. The natural beauty of St. Lucia island seems to have been created for romantics. Palm fringed beaches, elegant old plantation houses, the soft tropical air, the tantalizing aroma of the cuisine on St. Lucia would surely provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy in a relaxing environment. Wonderful climate, unparalleled beauty and friendly islanders make your St. Lucia honeymoon vacations, simply perfect.

HeartTravel Attractions
Scenic beauty of St Lucia beaches can make you forget even yourself. Both black and white sands grace the beaches and scenic beauty around enhances the charm manifold. Amble on the sand or just lie down for complete relaxation. Or indulge in adventure sports like snorkelling, diving, windsurfing and kayaking.

Beaches of St.Lucia are public and easily accessible. Few more known beaches are Anse du ca, Smuggler's Cov, Anse Becune, Pigeon Causeway, Vigie, Redui, Anse Chastenet, Choc Ba, Labrelotte Bay and Soufriere.

Cas En Bas beach, Anse Louvet beach, Anse de Sables beach

In Lap of Nature
St. Lucia is a blissful land with abundance of natural beauty which would leave you astounded on your honeymoon vacation. Tall mountains with lush green rainforests in its interiors, divine waterfalls, sulphur springs, nature reserves, national parks and gardens await to enchant you on your honeymoon in St Lucia. Island is the residence of some of the most exotic animals and birds of the world including Kouwes (world's rarest snake), Zandoli Te (a ground lizard), frigate birds, St. Lucian Parrot, White Breasted Thrasher, St. Lucia Peewee, St. Lucia Oriole, and St. Lucia Wren.

Honeymoon in St LuciaImagine yourself ambling through the rainforests to explore flora as well as fauna. Praise the cascading waterfall that makes for an excellent view. Make efforts to reach the summit of the mountain peaks, climb a dormant volacano. You can also embark on a biking tour. Enjoy yourself being in lap of nature while honeymoon in St Lucia.

St Lucia frequently changed hands between the British and the French. The island owes lot of its present culture and tradition from its past conquerors. However, there are other influences too which have left their mark on the lifestyle of people. While your honeymoon in St Lucia, travel to historical sites, museums and art galleries, which would give you the capacity to peek into the island's past. While visiting these places, you would also have first hand experience of island life.

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