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Honeymoon in St. Baarth- Enjoy honeymoon vacations in St. Barths for a totally different feel!
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Honeymoon in St. Baarth

Honeymoon in St Barths Honeymoon in St Barths, totally different in both its beauty and feel. On your honemoon vacations in St. Barths, you will definitely enjoy lazing off on the white sandy beaches. Adventure activities is also on offer, both on land as well as water. Beautiful small towns and villages are a pleasure to visit. And, yes there is some great food awaiting to delight you on your honeymoon.

HeartGeneral Information
Location - The island of St. Barths is located in the Caribbean sea and is one of the Leeward Islands ( northern islands of Lesser Antilles which in turn is formed of all the islands of Caribbean or West Indies except for Bahamas). It si a part of Gaudeloupe ( an archipelago of islands in the eastern Caribbean that is an overseas department of France).

Capital - Gustavia

Landscape - Unlike many other islands, St. Barths is not of volcanic origin, rather it is a hilly island of ancient coral reefs. Completely surrounded by shallow-water reefs, the topmost point of the island (Mt du Vitet) is at 938 fts. Also significant rivers or lakes are absent. The total land area is 21 square kms.

Climate - St. Barths enjoy an arid tropical climate with little rainfall. Tropical storms can be expected between July to November.

Currency - French Franc and US dollar.

Beaches - The beaches on St. Barths are the most popular attraction for both localities as well as tourists coming from foreign countries. As such, on your honeymoon vacation to St. Barths, do not miss out the fun and adventure on these beaches. St. Barths boasts of around twenty beaches that will captivate you by their lovely white sand, crystal clear water and panoramic views of surroundings. The beaches of St. Barths, unlike the beaches of many other islands in the Caribbean, are not really crowded, not even at a time that is considered as peak period (this is during Christmas). So, be assured that you will enjoy enough tranquility on these beaches, undisturbed by the influx of more and more tourists. You can also enjoy plenty of action on these beaches as they are wonderful location for adventure sports like swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, diving, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing and other water activities.

What is most exciting, and will definitely be liked by you, is that all the beaches are public and free. So, go ahead and give a heady start to your honeymoon vacation by enjoying a visit to these beaches.

Gustavia - Gustavia, the capital of the island of St. Barths is a small town that encloses within its area numerous sites worth visiting. This small harbour town has enough sites of interest to keep you busy throughout the day. From museums to art galleries, forts and church - Gustavia is a pleasure to discover. The red roofs of houses add colour to the overall look of the town and make for a pleasant view. Gustavia, also houses modern boutiques, duty free shops and French Restuarants. On your honeymoon vacation to St. Barths, do enjoy shopping for goods ( like art items, fashion garments, books, jewelleries, perfume and cigar) and eating out in restuarants that are plenty and serve other cuisines apart from delicious French cuisine.

The nightlife of St Barths is not very exciting, however, whatever few options are available can be enjoyed in Gustavia. You can visit places where sailors gather in this little harbour town during night to exchange interesting anecdotes, drink in bars that provide live entertainment till aftyer midnight or even shake a leg on the dance floor of club.

Other Villages/ small towns - The villages of St. Barths are worth visiting on your honeymoon vacation. Apart from few places, something that will fascinate you excessively is the dressing style of the women of some of these villages. For a moment, after seeing them, you will be transported to an earlier era, when French women wore white sunbonnets on their heads that extended upto their shoulders. You can also visit a church to offer your prayers and wonder at an exempelary collection of seashells in one of the world famous museums.
Honeymoon in St Barth
Villages or Small Town to visit - Corossol, Colombier and Lorient, St Jean,

HeartSome Useful Information
International Airport - St. Barths has an airport, but it is not equipped to land more than 20 seater planes. So, most of the international visitors land at St. Marteens international airport (in neighbouring island). From there it is just ten minutes fly to St. Barths. You can also take a ferry from St. Marteens to reach St. Barths.

Entry Formalities - Fir the citizens of US and Canada a valid passport is required. Non Residents of the US and Canada, and tourists from other countries that are not a part of E.E.C and Japan will require a visa along with a valid passport. All those countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter French Metropolitan will also require a visa to enter St. Barths.

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