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Honeymoon in Saba Island- Saba Island would rejuvenate you to the core!
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Honeymoon in Saba Island

Saba is an extremely beautiful and a smallest island in the Netherlands Antilles that is perfect for scuba diving, hiking, admiring nature and a romantic honeymoon. It is a rocky volcanic island with a single road, and excellent lush mountain forests, which is a perfect paradise to refresh and rejuvenate your souls. Saba is nicknamed the "Unspoiled Queen" because of its unspoiled tropical beauty. It is mountainous and the tallest peak rises 2,864 feet above sea level and is covered by a dense rain forest.

On your honeymoon vacation to Saba Island, enjoy the scenic beauty around, tour through the quiet lovely villages and experience the most thrilling adventure sports which is surely an exciting option. So personalize your vacation and always go the extra mile to make sure your stay is the most positive experiences of your vacation.

HeartGeneral Information
Location - The smallest island of the Netherland Antilles ( part of Lesser Antilles, which is in turn part of Antilles or the Caribbean islands excluding Bahamas) is located in the Caribbean sea east of Peurto Rica and St Croix.

Capital - The Bottom

Landscape - With an area of 13 square kms, Saba is an extinct volcano with almost no beaches or flat land. It is actually cone-shaped Saba covered with lush foliage. The highest point is Mount Scenery which measures 870m (2,854 ft.).

Climate - Saba enjoys a tropical climate but no clear distinction can be made between the wet and dry season. However February, March and April are the months when rainfall is minimum while August, September, October and November when rainfall is maximum.

Language - Dutch is the official language, however, most of the people speak English.

Currency - Netherlands Antillean Guilder. US dollar widely accepted.

HeartTravel Attractions
Adventure Activities - The island of Saba is a charming destination with loads of natural beauty awaiting your arrival. These wonders of nature are not only a treat for your visual senses, but are also the means by which you can indulge in bit of adventurous activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming and hiking. So, on your honeymoon vacation to Saba island, hike through the rainforest, explore the flora of the region, discover the birds, dare to conquer the highest peak of the island, sight the sharks and visit the bays or other diving / snorkelling sites to explore the underwater world.

The island of Saba is so beautiful both over the land and under the sea that even if you are not a die hard adventurist, you will not mind making a bit of extra effort to explore the interiors thoroughly. In fact, you will actually not need to search for an area from where you can enjoy a magical view. There are no less than seven signposted hikes and two dozen diving spots. In a small place like Saba, this is extremely exciting. As per your choice of adventure activities, you can either enjoy a trip below the surface of water or simply take a walking tour and discover a spectacular beauty enroute. It is this beauty that has made Saba the most favoured destination for honeymooners.

The Bottoms - On your honeymoon visit the capital of Saba, The Bottoms which is also the administrative head of the island. The lovely village is home to the oldest church of the island known as the Anglican Church and a University School of Medicine. Bust of a policeman Samuel Charles, killed during a drug related incident, occupies a place in the centre of main square. The Major Osmar Ralph Simmons Museum was opened by the Simmons family in honour of Major Osmar Ralph Simmons who served as a policeman for forty years. The museum stores artifacts like early telephones including the one which was operated by batteries and old mahogany furnitures. This is definitely going to be one interesting discovery. There is also a restuarant Family Deli and Bakery that provides takeaway lunches, delicious pastries and cakes for you to savour during your honeymoon. You can also enjoy a theme night dinner there when specific cuisine are on offer.

A kilometer away from the Bottom, is the Fort Bay which is the commercial port of Saba Island.

Windwardside - The village of Windwardside is more beautiful and attractive with its beautiful red roofed cottages, flower filled gardens and numerous bougainvillea, banana and palm trees lining the road. Housed in a cottage which is more than 150 years old, is the Saba's Harry Luke Johnson Museum, which gives a classic look with original furnitures of Victorian era. It also has a collection of artifacts that dates back to the time when Amerindians inhabited the island. The Peanut Gallery showcases as well as sells local and regional Caribbean paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, and craftwork. So, on your honeymoon you have an opportunity to pick up something really special from Windwardside. However, if you are one of those couples who love to relax and are particular about their health, then, to your delight, there is a relaxation and health spa called Wellness Studio in this small village. For the lovers of good food, Windwardside offers numerous restuarants with exotic menus ranging from fish food to chinese items. Some of the restuarants of the village include Brigadoon, My Kitchen, Saba Chinese Restaurant, Scout's Place Hotel, Restaurant Bar & Dive Center, Swinging Doors, Tropics Café. A trailhead also leads to Mt. Scenery which will definitely delight the lovers of nature like you.

Hell's gate - Hell's Gate is also a scenic beauty to be enjoyed during your honeymoon vacation to the island. It houses a relatively new church known as the Holy Rosary Church and a community centre known as the Hell's Gate Community Centre. The community centre is a place which you cannot miss out on your trip to Saba Island because here you can shop for Saba Lace and Saba spice liquor (two speciality of Saba Island). Restuarants are also available in Hell's Gate like The Gate House Cafe. St Johns - St John has the only school of the Saba Island and also has numerous restuarants like the Lollipop's Bar and Restaurant, Midway Bar & Restaurant where you can relish the tasty local cuisine.

HeartSome Useful Information
International Airport - Tourists can land in the International Airport of St. Marteen and therefrom reach the Saba Island either by air (15 minutes) or by ferry.

Entry Formalities - A valid passport is required. Residents of few countries require a visa to enter this Netherlands Antilles. For a detailed information, visit the official site of Saba Island

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