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Honeymoon in Bahamas Islands- The beautiful beaches make the Bahamas Islands a very popular honeymoon destination.
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Honeymoon in Bahamas Islands

Honeymoon in Bahamas Islands
You can't make a better choice for a honeymoon vacation than Bahamas Islands. The clear sky, powdery white sand and crystal-blue water make the perfect setting for your honeymoon celebration. There are many attractions in Bahamas such as its popular beaches, wildlife, museums, shopping centers, blue lagoon island historical sites and the most famous Junkanoo festival. Enjoy adventure sports like snorkeling, diving, para sailing, wind surfing and scuba diving at any of the beautiful islands of Bahamas. Honeymoon vacations in the island of Bahamas make it easy for the most important people in your life to celebrate grandly with you.

You can go for island-hopping in Bahamas Islands. Relax on secluded beaches or explore underwater caves. Enjoy shopping for handmade crafts, try some Bahamian rum punch or swim with dolphins, honeymoon in the Bahamas island is the perfect way to start your new life together. Fill out our Tour Planner to get tour requests, booking information, itinerary suggestions and price quotations for your honeymoon vacations to the beautiful island of Bahamas.

HeartGeneral Information
Location - Bahamas is a chain of around 700 islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida and northeast of Cuba. Though, the islands of Bahamas do not lie in the Caribbean sea, they are referred to as the part of Caribbeans

Capital - Nassau

Landscape - The landscape of Bahamas consists of long, flat coral formations with some low rounded hills. The coastline stretches to over 3542 kms.

Climate - Bahamas enjoys a tropical marine climate.

Language - English is the official language but Creole is also spoken.

Currency - Bahamian Dollar

HeartTravel Attractions
Beaches - The beaches of Bahamas islands have vast stretches of soft white sand (or even more beautiful pink sand) and walking on it will give you soothing feeling. Even laying down quietly on the sand will refresh your tired body and soul. The attractiveness of the beaches of Bahamas is enhanced by the fact that they usually fall into two categories. The first one is deserted and gives you a liberty to not only relax as much as you want, but even get closer to your soulmate. On the contrary, if you are one of those couples who like to have people around and even dare to accept some challenging activity, then the second type of beach will appeal you better. These beaches are famous for their adventure sports like water-skiing, windsurfing, diving, fishing, sailing and parasailing as well as seaside restaurants, beach bars and local entertainment.

HeartWildlife and Nature
This one is specially for wildlife afficinados or lover of nature. Bahamas is a virtual paradise for all those couples like you, who long to explore the wonderous work of nature. So, on your honeymoon vacation to Bahamas, ferret out all the hidden secrets of nature and make yourself one of those who have met, and understood nature from a striking distance. Inspect the exotic wildlife like South American Honeybear; behold the tropical birds including the rare Flamingo; swim with bottlenose dolphins; wet yourself under waterfalls; explore underwater caves; enjoy the variety of palm trees as well as other plants and flowers of the island - all this and much more await to sweep you off your feet on your honeymoon vacation to Bahamas.

Apart from this, there are also geological formation and bridges in store to amaze you.

Dolphin HeartSightseeing
Bahamas has been a home to numerous groups of people ranging from tribal Indians to pirates and from explorers to slave traders. The islands of Bahamas, as they stand today, have each got a story to tell. On your honeymoon vacation to Bahamas, therefore, let the history of this pretty island flow before you like a cascade. Visit the islands' numerous historical and cultural sites that are reminiscent of bygone era which was sometimes good and sometimes bad. The museums of the islands are a store house of not only historical relics, but also of the art of the people in different eras. At the conclusion of your sightseeing trip, you will feel much more closer to the place you have chosen for your honeymoon.

Famous sightseeing Destinations - Pirates of Nassau Museum, Kennedy Gallery, Pompey Museum (Vendue House), Nassau Public Library & Museum, Junkanoo Expo, Albert Lowe Museum, New World Museum, Grand Bahama Museum, Bahamas National Archives, Roselawn Museum, Balcony House, Fort Charlotte, Fort Fincastle, Cooper's Castle, Queen's Staircase, Blackbeard's Tower, Bowe Family Plantation, Landfall Park, Fort Montagu, Adelaide Village, Cenotaph, Marine Farm, Watling's Castle.

There are many more places worth visiting in this section too, start off your trip and they will keep on presenting themselves to make you more familiar to the island.

Entertainment in Bahamas means so much that it is really difficult to incorporate all of them in a single writing. Beginning with nightlife, an electrifying atmosphere awaits to turn your night into an event. Numerous nightclubs, bars and pubs dot the island of Bahamas where you can dance your night away on the rhythmic music of live band. Alternatively, you can also enjoy native show especially the fire dancing. There are few casinos too (and if you did not know this, let's inform you - Gambling is legal in Bahamas, but not for Bahamians) in the New Providence and Grand Bahama (these two are by the way, the centre of nightlife entertainment). For couples like you, a walk on the moonlit beach is also no less an entertainment.

Dining in Bahamas is a pleasure and, on your honeymoon vacation to the island, do check out on the local cuisine which are spicy and flavoured. Restuasrants are aplenty where you can try out the local cuisine as well as various international cuisines. After having your delicious food, also taste the local drink (national beer) of Bahamas, Kalik.

Honeymoon in Bahamas IslandsFor all those couples like you who wish to carry back everlasting memories on their honeymoon, shopping for local items is the best option. On your honeymoon vacation to Bahamas, you can shop for duty free (perfumes, leather goods, sweaters, linens, crystal, photographic equipment, liquor, telescopes and binoculars items), local crafts and sovenirs. Apart from this, you can also pick up clothes, jewelleries and footwear on your shopping expedition.

And, if all this fail to satisfy you, pause a bit, there is more on way. Golf courses of Bahamas are of international standards and will welcome you on your honeymoon vacation to the islands of Bahamas.Whether you are novice or an expert, you can always find the game of golf hugely entertaining. The weather conditions throughout the year also support the game a lot.

So, get ready for a funfilled and extremely entertaining honeymoon vacation in the island of Bahamas.

HeartSome Useful Information
International Airport - Nassau International Airport on New Providence Island and Freeport Airport on Grand Bahama. From Nassau, it is easy to reach other islands of Bahamas by short island-hopper flight on Bahamasair from the Nassau airport.

Entry Formalities - Citizens of the United States, Britain, and Canada coming in as visitors for a period of less than 8 months, require to show a proof of citizenship (such as a passport or a birth certificate and an official photo ID. A passport is anyways preferrable). For citizens of other countries, including Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, a valid passport is a must. For further information visit "Foreign Entry Requirement" Web page of the U.S. State Department at

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