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Honeymoon in Auckland - Exuding the true passion and romance of a newly wed !
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Honeymoon Ideas
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Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand Auckland in New Zealand is a wonderful honeymoon destinations, capable of fulfilling all your expectations. Not matter what the tourists expect, Auckland never disappoints them. Auckland is located on the northern part of the north island ( two long islands running north and south to each other make up New Zealand) of New Zealand, Enjoying pleasant weather all round the year, Auckland can be visited any month. Abundance of beaches and parks ensure that your honeymoon is close to nature. Auckland also has several monuments and landmarks which you would love to visit. In addition to all this, Auckland is ready to serve you with its delicacies, wines and colourful festivals.

Heart Climate
Auckland enjoys a warm coastal climate sans extreme temperature. There are four seasons in this place.
Summer extends from December to February with an average maximum temperature of 24°C and minimum temperature of 12° C.
Autumn(Fall) extends from March to May with an average maximum temperature of 20° C and minimum temperature of 13°C.
Winter extends from June to August with an average maximum temperature of 15°C and minimum temperature of 9°C.
Spring extends from September to November with an average temperature of 18°C and minimum temperature of 11°C.

Heart Best time to visit
Auckland is worth visiting throughout the year and it really depends on your choice and convenience to select the best time for your visit.

Heart Places to visit
Beaches - Auckland is known for its beaches. For reaching these beaches you never need to travel a lot. There are more than hundred beaches in Auckland. All these beaches compete with one another to charm you. These beaches are not only huge in number, rather they are a major destination for adventure sports like swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing and surfing. Some of the popular beaches of Auckland include Piha beach (in the west), Brooks beach, Cornwallis beach and Omana beach (on the outskirts of Auckland city centre), and Takapuna beach (on the North Shore of Auckland). All these beaches are excellent for swimming but for surfing Bethells beach is the best place as it has powerful breaks. Bethells beach can also be visited if you want to enjoy cliff top walking. These beaches are also good spots to visit even if you donot want to do anything. Just relax, sunbathe or roam around casually.

Parks - Throughout and even closeby Auckland, numerous parks and gardens enhance the beauty of this coastal city. These parks and gardens range from regional parks to nature reserves, farm parks and simple gardens. These parks and gardens are the best place to enjoy the wonders and colours of nature. Some of the most famous parks and gardens include the Auckland Domain Park ( one of the oldest and most frequented parks), Kauri Point Centennial Park (rich in native plants and provides excellent view of Auckland Harbour bridge), Parnell Rose Gardens (variety of colourful roses), Tohuna Torea Nature Reserve (rich in flora and fauna and provides a place to view the astounding Mt Wellington), Western Springs Park (has interconnected parks, lakes and pathways) and Waitakere Ranges ( rich in indegenuous flora and fauna with extensive walking tracks). Apart from these, other parks include Botanic Gardens, Albert Park, Cornwall Park, Grey Lynn Park, Victoria Park and Wintergardens. These parks are an excellent way to spend some quiet moments close to nature.Regional Park - Auckland

Land marks and Monuments - Auckland is home to numerous monuments and landmarks of New Zealand. These land marks and monuments are an identity and individaulity of Auckland. They reflect the life, culture and architecture of the place in both past and present. Some of these landmarks are the Sky Tower (highest structure in New Zealand, provides a magical view of surrounding area), Town Hall (this Italian style building is a venue for many concerts and festivals), Acacia Cottage ( it is considered one of the oldest buildings in Auckland) and Harbour Bridge ( this bridge connects the city to the North Shore). Apart from these other landmarks include Alberton House, Ferry Building, Grafton Bridge, Highwic House, Mount Eden, Mount Victoria and Mount Wellington (last three natural landmarks).

Heart Things to do
Explore Auckland - Exploring Auckland is not only enjoyable because of the natural and manmade beauty, but also because of the varied ways in which the exploration can be carried out. Explorer buses, balloon flights, cruises, walking and tramping are just some of the exciting ways in which you can explore Auckland from land, sea and air. Cruises and balloon flights are excellent ways to view the magnificient and charming beauty of the city. They offer the best possible views of the city that will surely cahrm you. If you prefer a quieter sport, go straight to the golf courses of Auckland.

Enjoy Adventure Sports - Auckland has numerous beaches and parks, which means it is a perfect place to enjoy adventure sports. On your honeymoon, you can enjoy beach adventure like swimming, snorkelling, sailing and surfing. You can also enjoy adventure while walking and tramping the tracks of parks and gardens.

Enjoy Food and Wine - Eating and drinking in Auckland is certainly going to be a treat for your taste buds. The cuisine, which is a marvellous combination of Asian and Pacific cuisine is a delight and offers a variety that will be loved by you. Some of the famous dining destinations include restuarants in the inner city suburbs of Ponsonby, Herne Bay Parnell, Viaduct Harbour and Mission Bay. Auckland is also a place renowned for its vineyards and wineries as such, on your honeymoon, do try out some of these exotic wines. Best quality wines along with delicious food will be a delightful combination.

Night Life in Auckland Enjoy Nightlife - Auckland's nightlife is as vibrant as of any other place boasting a remarkable nightlife. Numerous dance clubs, casinos, bars, restuarants and live music theatre are spread throughout the city. On your honeymoon to Auckland, you can visit any of these palces as per your preference and enjoy yourself till early morning.

Enjoy shopping - If you want to pick up something on your honeymoon ( actually there is no chance that you will not want to pick up anything), Auckland will provide you with innumerable opportunities in form of shopping centres and malls. Here, you can pick up fashion garments, book , gifts, souvenirs, food court items and jewelleries. Just go out shopping and you will return with both hands filled.

Heart Not to miss
Auckland's culture - Auckland is a perfect place where you can get acquainted with the culture and tradition of New Zealand onn the whole. The Maori culture which is exclusive to New Zealand is distictly visible in the lifestyle of the people. To know more about the culture and lifestyle of Auckland, you can visit the museums and art galleries of the city. These places will reveal to you both the past and present of the city as well as the country. Another way to understand the culture of Auckland is to participate in the annual or special events and festivals. Some of these festivals include Auckland Anniversary Day (29th Jan), The Food Show (5th to 7th Aug), The National Yearling Sales (end of Jan), The Ellerslie Flower Show(16th to 20th Nov) and Pasifika Festival (Mar/ April). Interacting with the locals also will also give you a deep insight into the life and culture of Auckland.

Heart Getting There
By Air - You can reach Auckland by air and land at Auckland International Airport. The airport is located 21kms south of central Auckland, in the suburb of Manger, however transport is available to take you to the city centre.

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