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Honeymoon in Singapore

Honeymoon in Singapore
Honeymoon in Singapore means some quality time in quality surroundings. Singapore is a city-state which has earned so many tags. It owns Asia's largest bid park. It is arguably the most popular shopping paradise in Asia. It is the land of the world's largest bat. It is the place which has state-of-the-art science based entertainment options. It has the combination of towering skyscrapers with squeaky clean streets.

HeartProminent Hot Spots in Singapore
Singapore is a cosmopolitan town, yet it behaves in cool relaxed manner. Do remember that number of visitors to Singapore each year doubles the local populationl. Best achievement of Singapore is that it has put astounding attractions into a tiny, very well-linked area. The country offers sights both numerous and diverse, nature reserves, majestic Chinese and Indian style temples, evocative museums, and of course, glittering riverside skyline.

HeartWhat To See
Bengal Tiger- Singapore Singapore Wildlife:
Isn't it amazing that a country as small as Singapore offers so much wildlife. Zoological Gardens of Singapore lie over 28 hectares and are known to provide to some extraordinary flora and fauna. 200 plus animals, including 40 endangered species reside in Zoological Gardens. Wildlife enthusiasts have always found Night Safari very interesting. Jurong Bird Park hosts the largest assemblage of South-East Asian birds inside a massive aviary.

Singapore has earned the tag of Garden City, thanks to its well manicured, tree lined boulevards and patchworks of plants. Botanic gardens of Singapore are more than a century old having 2,000 plus varieties of exotic plants. These gardens are frequently used for outdoor music concerts and even ballet productions. While the Chinese Gardens have miniature temples, pagodas, arched bridges and lakes, the Japanese gardens are amazingly simple.

Desiring to explore the heritage of Singapore. Travel to the museums of Singapore. Most prominent among them is the Asian Civilisations Museum, a museum in Asia about Asia. National art gallery has high-class collection of South East Asian art. Singapore Philatelic Museum showcases the collection of local and international stamps.

HeartSentosa Island
Sentosa Island puts forth surprising string of tourist attractions which would play a big role in making your honeymoon in Singapore unforgettable. More prominent among these attractions are Underwater World, Images of Singapore, Volcano Land, Musical Fountain, Butterfly Park, Insect Kingdom and Dragon Trail.

In the Underwater World you can engage in moonlit encounter with the sea creatures. Volcano Island can be toured for different experience. Musical Fountain is the right place to express your heart-felt feelings for your beloved. Use Dolphin Lagoon to give lovely pink creatures some company. Butterfly Park, Insect Kingdom and the Dragon Trail would definitely keep you on a high.

Singapore has several bars and nightclubs which are open till late night. You can amble on the streets, pick up the source of the sound you like, enter the place and have few glasses of bear. These swish stylish nightlife places cater to Singaporean party-goers and of course, honeymoon seekers. Quench the thirst for nightlife in Singapore to the fullest.

Honeymoon in SingaporeHeartShopping
Singapore is a shopper's heaven and the biggest attraction while honeymoon in Singapore. Shopping places range from air-conditioned shopping malls, huge department stores, hotel arcades, to market stalls, night bazaars and alleys. There is a variety of premium quality goods found in Singapore's bustling commercial centers. Contemporary shopping complexes along high-energy Orchard Road boast dazzling international selections, while some of the best bargains can be found in the suburban housing estates.

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