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Honeymoon in Indonesia - Honemoon in Indonesia would provide you some unique experiences.
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Honeymoon in Indonesia

Honeymoon in IndonesiaHoneymoon in Indonesia, an amazing country with rich art and culture as well as exotic beaches. Indonesia is a unique country of the world. It is a nation having seventeen thousand islands, of which only 6000 are inhabited. It is the home of about 300 ethnic groups and 365 languages are spoken there. Wouldn't you like to travel such a country?

HeartTravel Attractions
Most sought-after destination while honeymoon in Indonesia is Bali. Other popular places while travel in Indonesia are Java, Jakarta, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Maluku and Kalimantan. Indonesia offers plenty of variety. No two places of Indonesia are alike. One can see cultured societies in Bali and Java. In South Sulawesi, people are highly influenced by animistic beliefs. Irian Jaya is known for tall hills and primitive culture. Indonesia possesses a long coastline. All these factors mean that Indonesia has nice fusion of natural beauty, coasts and culture. And Indonesia of today offers modern accommodation too.

Bali is known for its beaches, museums and nightlife. Kuta in Bali is known for its hedonistic vacation experience. Festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm on the seashore and taking part in these festivals is a distinct experience. One can have adventure with bungee-jumping towers and Bali slingshot. Visit Pura Jagatnath Temple in Denpsar. Ubud is praised for its arts, antiquities and museums. Waterfalls and springs near Lovina provide many a people sense of refreshness. As for nightlife, Bali offers late night bars and ultra trendy clubs where you can enjoy yourselves.

Lombok and Gilis
Beaches can be seen seamlessly and ceaselessly in Lombok and Gilis Islands. Aim at Gunung Rinjani is to get to the edge of the stunning Danau Segara Anak, a crescent-shaped crater lake. You can go to Sedang Gila Waterfall for picnic. 18th century Mayura Water Palace is a small pavilion which floats on an artificial lake.

Enjoy inpeccable poise of classical ballet in Jogjakarta. As for sightseeing in the place, most of them are within the walled Kraton complex. Museums in Jogja are better than most places in Indonesia. Places you can visit are Sultan's Palace, Sonobudoyo Museum, Masjid Agung, Taman Sari and Bird Market, Benteng Vredgburg, Affandi Museum, Perjuangam Museum, Diponegoro Museum and Jogja for kids. As for shopping, you can buy here for exquisite silver, batik, ceramics, paintings and leather goods.

Talk of Indonesia can't be complete without Borobudur. Watching dawn break over Borobudur is a sight you would remember forever. The breathtaking sight of Borobudur Temple makes the onlooker speechless. Legend goes that divine architect Gunadharma raised Borobudur in a single day. Borobudur, located at the summit of a hill, is a tall ziggurat of seven levels. In centre is a gigantic hub ringed by seventy-two lesser shrines.

Not far from Borobudur are tourist spots like Candi Pawon, Candi Mendut, Candi Ngawen, Elephant Safari, and Temples of Dieng.

Honeymoon in IndonesiaSolo
Solo takes pride in its two royal palaces and admires its aristocracy. If you want to catch indigenous music and dance performances, Solo is the best place in Indonesia. Royal palaces often hold the shows. Solo holds the reputation of being Java's largest market. The two royal palaces in Solo are known as Kraton Surakarta and Kraton Mangkunegara. You can also visit Radya Pustaka Museum and Wuyaningratan Ancient Batik Gallery.

Indonesia is a huge country providing home to so many ethnic groups. This automatically means lot of variety in cuisine. Indonesian food is the coming together of many cultural influences, including Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and Dutch. Indonesian food is moderately spicy. Most local dishes use varieties of ginger, garlic and fresh turmeric for taste and flavor.

Rice is the staple food of the country, and wheat is used very little. Vicinity to the sea means that sea products play important role in Indonesian kitchen. Beef and chicken are very popular among the locals. The pasars of Indonesia make for an interesting visit. Watch out the pushcarts in the streets for they would provide true taste of the local delicacies while travel in Indonesia.

No honeymoon in Indonesia is complete without shopping of batik. Tourists also shop for silver, cloth, porcelain, tin art objects and canvas, wood and leather goods. Top batik designers have shops in Jakarta. In Yogyakarta search for leather crafts, handbags made of sisal or other plant fibers, silver, wayang kulit puppets and batiks. In Lombok, Sumbawa, and Sumba look for baskets and ikat and other handwoven cloth. Irian Jaya is the place for wood carvings, and Surabaya for printed batik cloth and machine-woven ikat.

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