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Honeymoon in China

Honeymoon in China, which is a world in itself. China is a vast land of cultural and geographic schisms. It is a country where tropical beaches are contrasted by snow-carpeted mountains, lush rain forests stand opposite to harsh deserts and ancient traditions come together with modern ideas. China offers dozens of cuisine styles, a string of entertainments and a bonanza of shopping opportunities.

HeartTop Travel Attractions
The Great Wall
Honeymoon in ChinaThe Great Wall, one of the wonders of the world, has become synonymous with China. As an ancient Chinese saying goes: you cannot be called a hero if you have never been to the Great Wall. The most laborious man-made project on earth, the Great Wall which stretches more than 6000 km, was built 2,500 years ago.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City, another Chinese wonder, seems ominous by name. The sprawling complex, which served as the residence of the Chinese emperors for centuries, has been the witness of the several phases of Chinese culture. The massive compound goes by several names. Its official name is Public Museum, old official name Imperial City and popular name Forbidden City. Forbidden City is a not-to-miss while honeymoon in China.

HeartCity Tour
Capital Beijing
Beijing has been the Chinese capitals for centuries which has brought for it a range of tourist attractions. Beijing of today has risen to the standards of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Apart from a section of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, Beijing, the capital of China, has more to offer. They city has retained its cultural lifestyle, despite the influences of modernity. The city has so many places of interest that you can spend weeks browsing them. More popular among these are Summer Palace, Tian'anmen and Temple of Heaven.

The city is also a major tourist hub in China, offering variety of temptations like traditional herbs, medicinal herbs, antiques, ancient calligraphy and paintings. There are plenty of places in Beijing where one can hang out and enjoy oneselves.

Shanghai, another Chinese metropolitan, has earned colorful nicknames like 'the Paris of China' and 'the Pearl of the Orient'. Shanghai showcases architectural temples of art. In recent years, the city has embraced the forces of modernity. It has adopted a lifestyle it has lived never before. Shanghai of today serves as the gateway to the Yangtze River basin and is among major financial centres of Asia. The city is termed by many a living museum, amalgamated with the European and Japanese architecture of 19th century.

Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region, is located amidst marshy valley, ringed with mountain peaks. Nestled on the altitude of 3,760km, Lhasa is among the most elevated towns in the world. Literal meaning of the word Lhasa is 'land of the Gods' or 'Holy Place'. The town is thronged with several Buddhist monasteries. For centuries, the town has been the destination of the flocks of Buddhist pilgrims. Temptations of Lhasa include Dragon King Pool, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka or Jewelled Garden and Ramoche Temple. Lhasa enjoys sublime climate throught the year. Neither are winters unbearably cold, nor are summers severely hot.

Macau is a small peninsula south of China. Affluent Chinese visit China to hang around and enjoy themselves. Slppy snaking paths and remote passageways delight the tourists. Historic buildings of Macau range from old fortresses to Baroque churches and faded mansions. Major Macau attractions are Church of Sau Polo, Temple of Goddess A Ma, Lin Fong Temple and Kun Lam Temple. And of course, most famous sites of Macau are its casinos, where the affluent come to enjoy the fruits of their success. In close neighborhood of Macau, two small islands of Taipa and Coloane connected with the peninsula by bridges and land retrieval are known for beautiful beaches.

Marco Polo had termed Hangzhou the finest town in the world. Between 581AD to 618AD, Grand Canal was constructed with Beijing as the northern terminus and Hangzhou as the southern terminus. The canal made Hangzhou a major economic, political and cultural centre. The town is imparted its grand impression by the magnificent Lake and the natural lagoon. The town is dootted with so many gardens and shrines. For scenery tourism, Hangzhou is the preferred destination in China. Among Hangzhou are included Solitary Island, Creeks and Gullies, Longjing Tea Plantation, Xiaouying Island and Three Pools, and Lingyin Temple.

Terracota Army has made Xian a world-renowned place. The town, which was once world leader in history and trade, is the source of tourist interest for its historical assets. Nice geographical location makes it more attractive. Apart from Terracota Army, assets of Xian include Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Famen Temple, Mount Huashan, and the University.

The inhabitants of Tibet have successfully maintained their traditional lifestyle. Known as the 'Rooftop of the World', Tibet offers totally different experience, in the midst of Himalayan heights. The locals would be one of the most friendly people you would ever meet. Tibetan monasteries would fill you with tranquility. For peaceful time in serence surroundings, Tibet can be recommended while honeymoon in China.

HeartNight Life
All major Chines towns provide good nightlife, which is rich with fun and local color and has something for all tastes. From wild discos to serene teahouses to rambles in the moonlight, you have all options in China. Most bars and discos stay open till late hours, and you can add battery to your legs there.

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