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Honeymoon in South Africa - The beauty of South Africa is unparalleled in the world. In South Africa one can enjoy a wide variety of activities such as relaxation at the beaches, exciting desert safaris, wildlife expeditions at the famous Kruger National Park.
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Honeymoon in South Africa

Honeymoon in South AfricaThe honeymoon in South Africa is perfect for the couple looking for confinement and pampering. South Africa offer honeymooners a number of exotic locations that will add up spice to your honeymoon vacations. Explore the wonderful destinations of South Africa and enjoy the experience of its mountain peaks, exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches, desert safaris whatever your heart desires, this romantic land will provide you with a suitable and unforgettable romance with your loved one.

HeartSouth Africa Holidays Attractions

One has plenty of ways to enjoy South Africa holidays. The country has string of attractions which help you enjoy to the hilt your honeymoon in South Africa. Diversity of landscapes, people, history and culture ensures the tourists get unique experience in the country. In South Africa one can find interesting blend of the ways of first and third world countries. South Africa has very good infrastructure but most people follow the traditional style of living. Lovely beaches, nice wildlife, modern entertainment places and number of world heritage sites leave no stone unturned to make sure that you have gala time in South Africa.

South Africa has developed five national parks, relatively remote and unspoilt by human encroachment. These are areas with vast realm of pristine wilderness. You can experience the essence of wild South Africa in these parks where nature rules supreme. You can see beasts like lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and buffalo in the game reserves/national parks of South Africa. Lodges/Bush Camps are located withing these parks and reserves. Level of accommodation ranges from rustic to luxury, from self catering bush camps to fully catered lodges. In the jungles, you can eco-activities like day and night game drives, horse-back safaris and bush walks.

Honeymoon in South Africa can be highly exciting for adventure loving couple. The country, with variety of landscape, can provide plenty of adventure sports options. South Africa has few high class climbing places. The ocean brings with it fantastic diving, exhilirating surfing and thrilling sea kayaking.

River trips range from mostly scenic to grade five white water rafting. The country hosts more than a hundred listed paragliding or hang gliding launch sites. Hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails meander around the country, in desert, forest, mountain or coast. Many hills also have mountain bike trails.

People tend to associate South Africa holidays with wildlife and scenery. But the country has long coastline which bring with it beautiful beaches. South Africa puts forth plenty of choice when it comes to beach activities. You can engage yourself in water sports or simply lie down with your soulmate on the sand. Beach sports here include scuba diving, sport fishing, surf angling, snorkeling, ski boating, mountain biking. Several beaches are close to nature reserves or places of historic or cultural interest. One interesting thing about South African beaches is that they are exotic, yet among the least crowded beaches in the world.

Night Life
South African pubs are delightful fusion of sports bars and outdoor drinking establishments. The people are very fond of games like rugby, cricket and football. They like to see these games while sipping their favorite drinks. The tables are usually centered around agiant TV screen and people have gala time there.

Golf Tourism
South Africans are very fond of golf. In almost every town you can find a golf course. The country has more than 500 golf courses and the number keeps on increasing. All these courses are high quality, very well equipped and provide lovely scenic views. Golf enthusiasts from all over the world love to play the game in the golf courses of South Africa. International golf tourism is particularly strong in Cape Town and Western Cape.

South Africans practise a distinct lifestyle. One can mix up with the locals for enjoying their way of life.

While honeymoon in South Africa satisfy your taste buds with both local and global cuisines. All good restaurants in tourist centres provide cosmopolitan dishes. You can find the places which serve local dishes too. Service in the restaurants is friendly. Beautiful setting makes the dining experience in South Africa holidays more satisfying.

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