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Honeymoon in Seychelles - Honeymoon in one of the best beaches of the world !
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Honeymoon in Seychelles

Honeymoon in SeychellesHoneymoon in Seychelles, one of the natural paradises in the world. Words put their hands up when asked to describe the beauty of Seychelles. These islands boast extremely beautiful tropical beaches, lush national parks and historicaly important monuments. One is never able to forget the time one has passed in Seychelles. So what are you thinking now? Make plans of touring Seychelles with your better half now.

HeartSeychelles Travel Attractions

Mahe, largest island of Seychelles, houses the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. Mahe is the integral part of all tourist itineraries in Seychelles. Mahe holds some of the most picturesque beaches of Seychelles are located in Mahe. Visit the beaches to lie dow comfortably and sunbathe or enjoy adventure activities like snorkeling, diving, surfing and swimming.

If you want to do sightseeing in Mahe you can tour Clock Tower, Chateau des Mamelles, French Cultural Center, National Library and Art Gallery and National Museum. You can also tour the national parks of Mahe, viewing the flora and fauna. Seychelles National Park provides home to not only rare Seychelles birds, but also the highest peak of Seychelles (905 metres). The park offers an opportunity to embark on a leisurely stroll or active hiking. You can also visit St. Anne Marine National Park. It is an excellent place to view the coral reef from a glass bottomed boat.

Praslin holds some of the most popular beach destinations in the world. Enjoy marvellous beauty of Praslin while honeymoon in Seychelles. Not forget to visit Anse Lazio, considered the best beach of the world. Relax amidst the delightful natural surroundings. Other beaches of Praslin include Anse Georgette (one of the top ten most attractive beaches in the world), Anse Kerlan, Grand Anse, Anse Volbert / Cote D'or. If you desire to enjoy the beauty yourself in a secluded beach, Praslin is the right place for you.

Vallee De Mai National Park is home to wonders of nature including numerous species of lizards and a few of the world's rare birds like Bulbul and the unique Black Parrot. Enjoy a walk in the park during honeymoon in Seychelles. If you dive from the Marianne Rocks, you would witness one of the most fascinating site of your life - a group of reef sharks moving right over your head

La Digue
La Digue done not lag behind Mahe and Praslin when it comes to offering a comfortable and secluded vacation during honeymoon in Seychelles. La Digue, rich in natural wonders, would provide a fulfilling experience of your life. La Digue beaches are rated amongst the best beaches in the world. However, not try to be very adventurous on many of these beaches are not very safe. Yet most of them are good for activities like seimming, diving and snorekelling.


Game Fishing
Most tourists in Seychelles love to indulge themselves in game fishing. One can have distinct fishing experience near the islands of Alphonse, Bird, Desroches and Alphonse. Some of the fish you can enjoy here are Wahoo, Sailfish, Yellowfin, Skipjack Tuna, Dorado, Barracuda fna Black Marlin.

Snorekelling sites are abundant on the most Seychelles islands. Your choice depends of your swimming ability as well as local sea and weather conditions. You can choose from small sandy coves around Mahe to the magnificent reef off Desroches. However if you are first timer you should first practise at your local swimming pool. Most hotels would provide you with necessary snorkelling equipment such as masks, snorkel tube and flippers.

Scuba Diving
Sechelles islands offer wide variety of dives. You can pick anything from shore to wall dives. The dives can be enjoyed both during nights and days. You can take required assistance from dive centre which are scattered all around the islands. Even if you are a beginner there is no problem. Most dive centres offer introductory courses.

Fly Fishing
Test your skills of fly-fishing against the testing Bone Fish and Trevallie. Hone your art of fly-fishing in lovely Alphonse Island lagoon. In case you don't know the art and are interested in learning it, Seychelles islands are the right place for it. Fly-fishing courses are available to all 15+ clients and include casting rod and line choice, sea lures, casting techniques, fly selection and tying, and whatever you need to learn.

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Duration : 8 Nights/ 9 Days
Places Covered : Mahe - Praslin - La Digue
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